Entrepreneur. Investor. Economist. YouTuber. Writer.

This is the official website of Andrei Polgar.

I'm an online entrepreneur and exotic asset investor who teaches people economics on YouTube and writes books.

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About Me

My name is Andrei Polgar, here's a little bit of info about myself:

  • my businesses all revolve around the concept of providing online services at wholesale prices: everything from website development and articles to hosting
  • my websites have making the Web a better place through quality information presented in an easy-to-understand manner as their business model
  • I invest in premium domains and firmly believe that Internet real estate represents the #1 investment opportunity of our generation
  • last but not least, I teach people economics through YouTube videos and books
  • For consulting, interview or partnership requests, click on the Contact link and I will do everything humanly possible to get back to you in a timely manner.


    Contact Me

    Andrei Polgar

    Cluj-Napoca, Romania

    Phone #: +40 724 729 347