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A (Somewhat Brief) Introduction

After so many years of focusing almost exclusively on the video front via One Minute Economics and on the ultra-long-form one through my books, it’s time to also work on my blog platform. Every now and then, expect to be on the receiving end of not-so-random ramblings that pertain to various topics that are of interest and relevant to my areas of expertise.

As a PhD economist who focuses on information dissemination asymmetries and exotic assets, I think (hope!) my perspectives on today’s challenges will be useful: the future of digital assets, smart financial preparedness in an increasingly volatile world, being open to the oftentimes exponential opportunities of the present (*cough* AI), staying informed in today’s ultra-polarizing to the point of manic-depressive information landscape and the list could go on and on.

As difficult as it may seem to retain your sanity when the news cycle switches from extreme greed (exponential gains) to extreme fear (nuclear annihilation, WWIII, you name it) in a heartbeat, I believe it can be done if you arm yourself with knowledge and a healthy dose of common sense.

My main goal will be providing assistance on both fronts.

There is little need to turn this introductory post into a novel, so I will put an end to it now. Feel free to check out my various projects so as to get to know me better and determine whether or not following this blog is worth your time. Stay safe out there and keep in touch!

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