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Dropped Domains, July 10:,, and 35 More!

All of the 38 names below have been deleted yesterday and are available for registration at the moment of writing. Please post a comment if you bought any. Should you sell one, consider sending some of that $ toward a charity and if you decide to develop, we’d love to work with you over at at steep discounts for my readers.

Here we go: – In a world where convenience is king, this site is dedicated to all things disposable. From single-use plastics to throwaway fashion, learn about the environmental impact and explore eco-friendly alternatives. Did you know the disposable product market is worth over $50 billion? Because sometimes, disposable doesn’t have to mean irresponsible. – For those who appreciate humor that’s direct and unfiltered. This site celebrates the art of honest, no-holds-barred comedy. Perfect for a humor blog or a comedy platform. Because sometimes, the funniest jokes are the frankest. – This site is all about promoting sustainability, ethical living, and social responsibility. Join the movement of responsible humans making a difference. Fun fact: The global sustainability market is projected to reach $41 billion by 2028. Because being responsible never goes out of style. – A site dedicated to the discussion of privacy rights and the growing prevalence of surveillance. Learn about your rights, the pros and cons of CCTV, and how to protect your privacy in a camera-filled world. Because sometimes, Big Brother is a bit too close for comfort. – For the art aficionados and collectors, this site focuses on rare and valuable art pieces. Dive into the world of masterpieces that fetch millions at auctions. Did you know? The global art market was valued at over $64 billion in 2019. Because true art is priceless. – Explore the niche world of birdwatching vacations. Perfect for those who want to combine travel with a love for ornithology. The birdwatching industry is valued at over $41 billion annually in the US alone. Because a holiday isn’t complete without a little tweet. – For the green thumbs and plant enthusiasts, this site offers tips, tricks, and inspiration to become an amazing gardener. With the gardening industry worth over $50 billion in the US, there’s always room to grow. Because every garden should be amazing. – A site dedicated to luxury and high-end cars. Discover the latest models, car reviews, and premium automotive services. The luxury car market is expected to reach $733 billion by 2026. Because driving in style is always a premium experience. – A resource for decision-making and confidence-building. Learn strategies and tips to become more decisive and assertive. Because in a world full of choices, being certain is a superpower. – Explore how artificial intelligence is reshaping industries and daily life. From personal assistants to smart home systems, AI is everywhere. The AI market is projected to grow to $733.7 billion by 2027. Because adjusting to AI is the future. – A site that tackles financial problems and unhealthy money habits. Get tips on financial wellness and how to avoid the traps of ‘money disease.’ With personal debt in the US reaching $14.6 trillion, it’s time for a cure. Because money should work for you, not against you. – Focused on the preservation of cultures, traditions, and communities at risk of disappearing. Discover ways to support and sustain endangered societies. Because preserving our diverse world is a shared responsibility. – Dive into the world of embedded systems and technology. Learn about their applications in various industries, from automotive to healthcare. The embedded systems market is expected to reach $137.2 billion by 2027. Because the future is embedded. – Tips, advice, and stories about living in shared households. From roommates to co-living spaces, find out how to make it work harmoniously. Because sharing a home should be a pleasant experience. – Discover the best in luxury stays and high-end lodging. Reviews, tips, and bookings for superior accommodation worldwide. The luxury hospitality market is growing, worth billions annually. Because when you travel, superior is the way to go. – For writers and authors, this site offers resources to perfect that final manuscript. Editing tips, publishing advice, and more. Because every great book starts with a final draft. – A site dedicated to sharing insights, stories, and knowledge from feminist perspectives. Empowerment and education for a better world. Because wisdom and feminism go hand in hand. – Celebrating the life and mindset of those who prefer solitude. Stories, tips, and advice for living your best life as a loner. Because being alone doesn’t mean being lonely. – Stay ahead in the digital game with this site dedicated to SEO and ranking strategies. Learn how to follow and master the algorithms. Because in the online world, ranking matters. – Explore the fascinating world of genetics and extraordinary traits. From rare genetic conditions to the science of heredity. Because our genes tell an extraordinary story. – A humorous take on minimalist fashion or the moments we find ourselves underdressed. Tips, stories, and advice for embracing simplicity. Because sometimes, less is more. – Spotlighting the most innovative and promising startups. Stories, tips, and investment opportunities. The startup ecosystem is booming, with global investments reaching over $300 billion in 2021. Because today’s startups are tomorrow’s giants. – Everything you need to know about the world of statistics. From data analysis to fun statistical facts. Because in a world driven by data, statistics are the stars of the show. – Embracing the gig economy and shared workforce models. Tips, stories, and platforms for finding shared workers. The gig economy is projected to be worth $455 billion by 2023. Because sharing isn’t just caring—it’s smart business. – For those looking to build wealth through networking. Tips, stories, and strategies from successful networkers. Because in business, your network is your net worth. – Combining profit with principles. Stories and strategies for making money while doing good. Because capitalism and ethics can go hand in hand. – For moms who want to keep their families healthy and happy. Tips, recipes, and advice on nutrition. Because a healthy family starts with good nutrition. – Exploring the metrics that define cultures. From social trends to economic factors, understand what shapes societies. Because culture is more than just art—it’s a science. – A site for all things home. Discover the best in homewares, decor tips, and DIY projects. The home goods market is booming, with a projected value of $1.8 trillion by 2025. Because home is where the heart (and style) is. – Focusing on the latest in diagnostic tools and technologies. From medical tests to home diagnostics. Because knowing is half the battle. – In a world driven by visuals, this site explores all things video. From tech reviews to content creation tips. The global video streaming market is expected to reach $223.98 billion by 2028. Because video isn’t just the future—it’s the now. – Helping you catch the next big wave in the investment world. Tips, strategies, and success stories for smart investing. Because in finance, catching the upswing can make all the difference. – Master the art of online rankings. Learn SEO, content strategies, and digital marketing from the pros. Because in the digital age, being on top is everything. – Tips, stories, and advice for those inclined towards success. Motivation, strategies, and personal development. Because being successful is all about the right mindset. – For those who lead by being present. Tips, strategies, and stories about effective onsite leadership. Because being there makes a world of difference. – All about optimizing and reducing image sizes for the web. Tips, tools, and techniques for faster loading times and better performance. Because in the digital world, size matters. – Your go-to resource for all things sharpening. From kitchen knives to tools, get the best tips and products to keep things sharp. Because a dull tool is nobody’s friend. – For the fashion-forward legging lovers. Explore the latest trends, styles, and tips for rocking leggings in the modern world. The global athleisure market is projected to reach $517 billion by 2025. Because leggings are more than just workout wear—they’re a lifestyle.

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