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Dropped Domains – July 6, 2024

All of the 38 names below have been deleted yesterday and are available for registration at the moment of writing. Please post a comment if you bought any. Should you ever sell one, consider sending some of that $ toward a charity and if you decide to develop, we’d love to work with you over at at steep discounts for my readers.

Here we go: is the dream domain for slackers everywhere. Ideal for a productivity hack blog, a remote work platform, or a lifestyle site focused on doing the bare minimum with maximum results. Because who said hard work is the only way to succeed? is the perfect domain for a mental health resource, self-help blog, or support group site. It’s about tackling shame head-on and embracing your flaws. Because everyone has skeletons in their closet—might as well make them dance! is the glamorous domain for a modeling agency, beauty blog, or a skincare product line. It’s all about putting your best face forward. Because with a face like that, who needs personality? is the go-to domain for business growth seminars, personal development courses, or financial webinars. It promises growth and success—one webinar at a time. Because who doesn’t love learning from the comfort of their couch? is the mysterious domain for a blog, podcast, or YouTube channel dedicated to the curious and bizarre. It’s all about the things that make you go, “Hmm…” Because life’s more fun when it’s quite intriguing. is the hilarious domain for a satirical fitness blog, comedy workout videos, or a gym for those who hate gyms. It’s about embracing the awful side of fitness. Because not everyone wants to be a gym rat—some prefer to be gym sloths. is the adventurous domain for a survival blog, prepper community, or outdoor gear store. It’s about surviving against all odds. Because sometimes, the best survival stories are the most unlikely. is the edgy domain for a fashion brand, boutique, or style blog. It’s for those who don’t fit the mold and aren’t afraid to stand out. Because who wants to be ordinary when you can be an outlier? is the relatable domain for a parenting blog, support group, or humorous take on raising kids. It’s about sharing the ups and downs of parenthood. Because every parent knows—it’s a struggle. is the domain for a finance blog, investment guide, or economic theory site. It’s all about mastering capitalism. Because who wouldn’t want to learn the secrets to making money while they sleep? is the intriguing domain for a mystery blog, secret-sharing platform, or an insider tips site. It’s about uncovering the secrets no one else knows. Because everyone loves a good secret—especially the uncommon ones. is the bold domain for a lifestyle blog, merchandise store, or community site celebrating redneck culture. It’s about embracing the redneck way of life with pride. Because who says rednecks can’t be proud? is the unique domain for a sanitation blog, environmental advocacy site, or historical preservation project. It’s about keeping our sewers clean and preserved. Because even sewers deserve some love. is the social media guru’s dream domain. Perfect for a social media marketing site, influencer blog, or trend analysis platform. It’s about making your hashtag the next big thing. Because in the world of social media, size matters. is the handy domain for a home improvement blog, renovation service, or DIY resource. It’s about keeping those renovations in tip-top shape. Because what’s the point of renovating if you’re not going to maintain it? is the outdoorsy domain for a camping club, subscription service, or RV community. It’s about camping with benefits. Because camping is better when you’re a member of an exclusive club. is the intellectual domain for a philosophy blog, book review site, or academic resource. It’s about filling your shelf with the best philosophical reads. Because a well-stocked bookshelf is the mark of a true philosopher. is the all-in-one domain for a marketing agency, blog, or consulting service. It’s about covering every aspect of marketing. Because when it comes to marketing, you need to go all in. is the energetic domain for a 24/7 service, news site, or entertainment platform. It’s about keeping the action going non-stop. Because who needs sleep when you’ve got non-stop content? is the comforting domain for a support service, mental health resource, or virtual hug platform. It’s about providing hugs when they’re needed most. Because sometimes, a hug is all you need. is the shiny domain for a DIY kit store, craft supply site, or home improvement blog. It’s about all things copper. Because who doesn’t love a little metallic shine in their projects? is the purposeful domain for a business consultancy, relationship advice site, or collaboration platform. It’s about creating intentional and meaningful partnerships. Because good things happen when you’re intentional. is the insightful domain for a research platform, survey tool, or data analysis blog. It’s about discovering what users really think. Because in the world of user experience, findings are gold. is the rugged domain for a gear store, fashion brand, or tool supplier. It’s about accessories that can take a beating. Because tough times call for tough accessories. is the cuddly domain for a pillow store, toy shop, or comfort blog. It’s about pillows that are as plushie as they come. Because everyone deserves a pillow that feels like a hug. is the aspirational domain for an artist community, investment platform, or art business blog. It’s about proving that artists can be rich too. Because who said starving artists are the only kind? is the tech-savvy domain for an AI education platform, training site, or tech blog. It’s about using AI to relearn and adapt. Because in the world of AI, learning never stops. is the powerful domain for a motivational site, business consultancy, or fitness program. It’s about making an impact that’s killer. Because why settle for less when you can make a killer impact? is the financial domain for an investment firm, finance blog, or wealth management service. It’s about harvesting the fruits of your capital. Because in the world of finance, it’s all about the harvest. is the agile domain for a think tank, consultancy, or personal development blog. It’s about thinking on your feet and being nimble in your approach. Because in a fast-paced world, nimble thinking is a superpower. is the versatile domain for a furniture retailer, interior design blog, or home decor site. It’s about furniture that fits anywhere. Because no matter where you are, you deserve great furniture. is the hilarious domain for a gag gift store, humor blog, or confessions site. It’s about embracing the embarrassing items we all secretly love. Because sometimes, the most embarrassing items make the best stories. is the high-rolling domain for a marketing guru, investment advisor, or entrepreneurial blog. It’s about marketing like a billionaire. Because if you’re going to dream, dream big. is the stylish domain for a fashion retailer, personal styling service, or fashion blog. It’s about being perfectly clothed for every occasion. Because who doesn’t want to look perfect? is the rugged domain for an outdoor gear store, survival blog, or prepping community. It’s about packing the ultimate survivalist backpack. Because in the wild, your backpack is your best friend. is the quirky domain for a stationery store, crypto merchandise site, or tech blog. It’s about combining the old-school charm of stationery with the new-age vibe of Bitcoin. Because even crypto enthusiasts need to write things down. is the laugh-out-loud domain for a comedy blog, video platform, or joke site. It’s about digging up the funniest content around. Because who doesn’t love a good laugh, straight from the crypt? is the no-nonsense domain for a medical testing service, health blog, or educational site. It’s about everything you need to know about urine testing. Because sometimes, the truth is in the pee.

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