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Dropped Domains, July 7:, F*, and 36 More

All of the 39 names below have been deleted yesterday and are available for registration at the moment of writing. Please post a comment if you bought any. Should you ever sell one, consider sending some of that $ toward a charity and if you decide to develop, we’d love to work with you over at at steep discounts for my readers.

Here they are: is the domain for those who think sleeping is a tough sport. Perfect for a sleep aid company, a mattress review blog, or a site about overcoming insomnia. Because getting a good night’s sleep shouldn’t be harder than running a marathon! is the unapologetically honest domain for a lifestyle blog, humor site, or anti-productivity movement. It’s for those who embrace their inner sloth with pride. Because why do today what you can put off until never? is the rugged domain for an energy equipment retailer, survival gear site, or industrial blog. It’s about keeping the lights on, no matter what. Because sometimes, the best power source is a little old-school—and a little flammable. is the satirical domain for a humor site, consumer advocacy blog, or a parody online store. It’s about highlighting the absurdity of sky-high prices. Because who needs reasonable when you can have unreasonably overpriced? is the earnest domain for a business consulting service, certification program, or legal advice blog. It’s about helping you become the real deal. Because in a world of fakes, it pays to be legit. is the intriguing domain for a conspiracy theory blog, paranormal site, or belief exploration platform. It’s about diving into what people believe—no matter how wild. Because sometimes, truth is stranger than fiction. and and are the AI-powered domains for a domain investment site, tech blog, or GPT tutorial hub. It’s about using AI to master the art of domaining. Because when it comes to domains, GPT’s got your back. is the cerebral domain for a financial blog, investment advice site, or economic theory platform. It’s about blending the art of philosophy with the science of finance. Because who said money and wisdom don’t mix? is the supportive domain for a running blog, fitness training site, or newbie marathon guide. It’s about taking those first steps towards a running lifestyle. Because every marathon starts with a single, wobbly step. is the insightful domain for a philosophy blog, deep-thoughts podcast, or intellectual debate forum. It’s about sharing views that make you think—and rethink. Because sometimes, a profound view can change your world. is the down-to-earth domain for a blog, opinion site, or community forum celebrating everyday wisdom. It’s about appreciating the thoughts of the common thinker. Because not every thinker needs to be a genius. is the inspiring domain for a platform celebrating unique artists, inventors, and makers. It’s about showcasing the work of those who create something special. Because creativity is best when it’s one-of-a-kind. is the analytical domain for a psychology blog, behavioral science site, or personal development platform. It’s about exploring why we do what we do. Because understanding behavior is the first step to changing it. is the heartfelt domain for a mental health blog, empathy training program, or counseling service. It’s about reaching the summit of understanding and compassion. Because in a world of conflict, empathy is the peak we should all aim for. is the energetic domain for a productivity blog, life hack site, or motivational platform. It’s about helping you get stuff done, bro-style. Because who better to boost your productivity than your productivity bros? is the glamorous domain for a lifestyle blog, real estate site, or luxury brand platform. It’s about living the high life in Beverly Hills. Because everyone deserves a taste of the Beverly Hills lifestyle—even if it’s just online. is the gritty domain for a lifestyle blog, outdoor adventure site, or humorous platform celebrating the dirtbag lifestyle. It’s about embracing the rugged, unpolished side of life. Because sometimes, a little dirt never hurt. is the dynamic domain for a fitness blog, motivational site, or business consultancy. It’s about creating and maintaining momentum, even when it’s tough. Because once you get moving, there’s no stopping you. is the unique domain for an architecture blog, construction innovation site, or design portfolio. It’s about celebrating the weird and wonderful in construction. Because who said buildings have to be boring? is the fiery domain for a humor site, lifestyle blog, or merchandise store celebrating redneck culture. It’s about embracing the rage and pride of being a redneck. Because sometimes, it’s good to let your redneck flag fly. is the brotherly domain for a fraternity recruitment site, Greek life blog, or college advice platform. It’s about helping you find your fraternity family. Because brotherhood is more than just a word—it’s a way of life. is the uplifting domain for a parenting blog, support network, or inspirational site celebrating moms. It’s about honoring the miracles that moms make happen every day. Because every mom is a miracle worker in her own right. is the soulful domain for a music blog, vinyl store, or site dedicated to rediscovering classic tunes. It’s about revaluing and appreciating music that stands the test of time. Because great music deserves a second listen. is the authoritative domain for a consumer advocacy site, government resource, or public service blog. It’s about helping consumers navigate state laws and regulations. Because an informed consumer is a protected consumer. is the stylish domain for a maternity fashion store, pregnancy blog, or design brand. It’s about making pregnancy fashionable and chic. Because who says you can’t be pregnant and fabulous? is the playful domain for a customer service platform, social media app, or messaging service. It’s about making replies fun and engaging. Because every reply should bring a smile. is the healthy domain for a nutrition blog, wellness site, or digestive health product line. It’s about achieving a balanced gut for better health. Because a happy gut is a happy life. is the bold domain for a marketing agency, adult industry consultant, or edgy marketing blog. It’s about pushing the boundaries in marketing. Because in the world of marketing, sometimes you have to go XXX to get noticed. is the buzzing domain for a beekeeping blog, honey product store, or apiary service. It’s about being the best in the bee business. Because the world needs more bees—and better beekeepers. is the humorous domain for a satire site, funny product reviews, or a blog about life’s little disasters. It’s about celebrating the goods that didn’t quite make it. Because sometimes, ruined goods make the best stories. is the serene domain for a mindfulness blog, meditation app, or wellness retreat. It’s about living and existing with full awareness. Because mindful living is the key to a peaceful existence. is the playful domain for a photo editing app, prank site, or digital art blog. It’s about faking it until you make it—in the world of photos. Because who said photos have to be real? is the chic domain for a lifestyle blog, dating advice site, or women’s community platform. It’s about navigating the modern world of relationships and friendships. Because being a modern girlfriend is an art. is the innovative domain for a mediation service, legal advice blog, or creative conflict resolution platform. It’s about settling disputes with creativity and flair. Because every problem has a creative solution. is the approachable domain for a GPS service, family safety app, or pet tracking device. It’s about keeping track of what matters most—with a friendly touch. Because tracking should be more comforting than creepy. is the savvy domain for a travel advice blog, hotel consultancy, or review site. It’s about getting the best advice and insights on hotels. Because everyone deserves a five-star stay. is the connected domain for an academic platform, research community, or educational networking site. It’s about connecting scholars and fostering collaboration. Because great minds think better together. is the welcoming domain for a podcasting tutorial site, beginner’s guide, or podcast community. It’s about helping newbies start their podcast journey. Because every podcaster was a newbie once. is the futuristic domain for a tech blog, VR development site, or digital art platform. It’s about encoding and shaping the reality of tomorrow. Because the future is what you make it—one code at a time.

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  1. Dhayalamoorthy Dhayalamoorthy

    Hi Andrei, your domains are awesome and I started reading your blog on daily basis. Just curious, how do you identify these domains among 1000’s of domains getting dropped everyday. Thanks for your work.

    • Andrei Andrei

      Thanks for the kind words Dhayalamoorthy! is a great tool that narrows it down through the filters you can apply, but you still need a keen eye and a lot of patience. At the end of the day, I still need to go through thousands of domains (even after applying the aforementioned filters) but the more you do it, the quicker the worthwhile ones will stand out 🙂

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