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Dropped Domains, July 8:,, and 37 More

All of the 40 names below have been deleted yesterday and are available for registration at the moment of writing. Please post a comment if you bought any. Should you ever sell one, consider sending some of that $ toward a charity and if you decide to develop, we’d love to work with you over at at steep discounts for my readers.

Here they are: – Oh, buddy, you need a lift? Whether it’s through jokes, feel-good stories, or virtual hugs, this site is like your go-to spot for a mood booster. Because sometimes, a little lift is all you need to keep going. – You know that feeling when you realize you’ve wasted your day watching cat videos? This site is your ticket to reclaiming your time. Tips, tricks, and life hacks to make sure your minutes aren’t going down the drain. Because life’s too short to be wasted. – Picture this: taxis that are less “taxi” and more “rolling palaces.” Leather seats, mini-bars, the whole nine yards. For those who believe that even a cab ride should feel like a VIP experience. Ride in style, my friend. – Parenting is hard enough without the pressure to be perfect. This site is for those who want to be the best darn parents they can be – with a little flair. Think of it as parenting advice with a bit of sparkle. Because standing out is better than blending in. – Ever felt like justice takes forever? Not here. This is where justice is served hot and fresh, like a good cup of coffee. Legal tips, quick resolutions, and advice to help you get what’s fair without the wait. Because who has time for drawn-out drama? – This is the digital equivalent of a “Do Not Enter” sign. For all things related to access control, cybersecurity, and keeping the riff-raff out. Because sometimes, saying “no” is the best thing you can do. – Imagine a life with zero debt. This site is all about getting you to that glorious state of financial freedom. Tips, tricks, and strategies to help you say “nada” to debt and “hello” to peace of mind. Because debt is so last season. – Forget the spa snootiness. This site is all about connecting you with the friendliest, most down-to-earth masseurs who make you feel right at home. Relaxation should come with a smile, don’t you think? – Think big. No, bigger. This is about civilizations on a grand scale – history, culture, and the makings of societies that leave a mark. Perfect for those who like their history with a side of epic. Because why settle for small when you can go mega? – Learning shouldn’t break the bank. This site is all about high-quality education at bargain prices. Courses, certifications, and knowledge without the hefty price tag. Because everyone deserves a shot at brilliance without the debt. – Let’s break down those barriers, shall we? This site is dedicated to testing and eliminating stigmas of all kinds. Mental health, social issues, you name it. It’s time to stop judging and start understanding. – Life happens in the pauses. This is a place for reflections, deep thoughts, and the moments in between. For those who appreciate the quiet as much as the chaos. Because sometimes, it’s the pauses that make the music. – Time for a societal upgrade! This site is about innovative ideas and actions to make the world a better place. Think of it as a toolkit for societal change. Because every now and then, we all need a little rewiring. – This isn’t your run-of-the-mill seminar. It’s special. Unique topics, amazing speakers, and unforgettable experiences. For those who crave knowledge with a twist. Because learning should be anything but boring. – Picture a record label, but for data. This is the place for managing, analyzing, and understanding data flows. Whether you’re a data geek or just data-curious, this site hits all the right notes. Because data is the new rock ‘n’ roll. – Travel like a dignitary. This site is all about top-tier travel experiences, luxurious getaways, and tips for traveling with style. For those who believe the journey should be just as fabulous as the destination. – This is your go-to spot for everything coding and development. From newbie tutorials to advanced hacks, it’s all here. Perfect for anyone looking to code their way into the future. Because the best way to predict the future is to code it. – Masks, but make them high-tech and stylish. This site is all about the latest and greatest in mask technology and fashion. Because if we have to wear them, we might as well look good and stay safe. – Ever needed to make a presentation but wanted a bit of privacy? This site is about tips, tools, and techniques for nailing those private pitches. Because some presentations are for select eyes only. – Ever wanted to spill the beans but stay in the shadows? This site is for podcasts where the hosts stay anonymous. Perfect for those juicy, no-holds-barred conversations. Because sometimes, anonymity is freedom. – In these times, knowing is half the battle. This site is about tools and tech for detecting the virus. Stay informed, stay safe. Because being aware is the first step to being prepared. – Numbers don’t lie. This site is all about the stats, data, and trends of the pandemic. For those who want the facts and nothing but the facts. Because in a pandemic, knowledge is power. – Tiny programs, big impact. This site is for those who love coding but on a smaller scale. Think microcontrollers, small apps, and the beauty of concise code. Because good things come in small packages. – Money talks, and this site helps it shout. It’s about advertising in the financial sector, from tips to trends. Because making money should be as easy as spending it. – A satirical take on the state of journalism. Perfect for a blog or site discussing the decline (and occasional resurgence) of good journalism. Because sometimes, the pen is mightier than the reality. – Tough inspections for tough times. This site is all about thorough, no-nonsense inspections – be it homes, businesses, or gadgets. Because sometimes, you need a hardy look at things. – It stinks, but someone’s got to talk about it. This site is dedicated to eliminating and managing bad smells, especially from garbage. Because life’s too short to live with bad odors. – A site dedicated to making your efforts count. Tips, advice, and inspiration to ensure that what you do is worthwhile. Because your time and energy are precious. – Ready to step back from the crypto craze? This site is about safely divesting from cryptocurrencies. For those looking to cash out and move on. Because sometimes, you’ve got to know when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em. – Toys aren’t just for kids. This site is about toys that are worth something – collectibles, antiques, and more. Because some toys only get better with age. – The future is shifting towards AI. This site is all about the changes and innovations in artificial intelligence. For those who want to keep up with the robots. Because the future waits for no one. – Buy low, sell high. This site is for those who love flipping – whether it’s houses, stocks, or garage sale finds. Tips, tricks, and success stories. Because one man’s trash is another man’s fortune. – Inspections at the click of a button. This site is about virtual and remote inspections for everything under the sun. Convenience and thoroughness in one. Because who has time for in-person inspections anymore? – A site that says it all in the name. This is about all-inclusive marketing strategies and services. Everything you need to get noticed. Because good marketing shouldn’t be an add-on. – For the seafood lover in all of us. This site is all about fish – from recipes to fishing tips. For those who always say, “Gimem fish!” Because life’s better with a bit of seafood. – Keeping an eye on the workforce. This site is about auditing and improving workplace practices. Making sure everything runs smoothly and efficiently. Because a happy workforce is a productive workforce. – Let’s kiss and make up. This site is about the art of forgiveness in relationships. Tips, advice, and stories on how to mend those broken bridges. Because love means having to say you’re sorry. – When life throws you a curveball, this site is your coach. Tips, strategies, and support for facing and overcoming crises. Because everyone needs a game plan when the going gets tough. – Need help with that assignment? This site connects students with the pros – professors ready to help with homework. Because sometimes, you need a little expert advice to get that A. – Click, click, click. This site is dedicated to testing and reviewing computer mice. For the tech-savvy and the gamers alike. Because the right mouse makes all the difference.

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