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Dropped Domains, July 9:,, and 36 More

All of the 39 names below have been deleted yesterday and are available for registration at the moment of writing. Please post a comment if you bought any. Should you ever sell one, consider sending some of that $ toward a charity and if you decide to develop, we’d love to work with you over at at steep discounts for my readers.

Here are the domains: – Ready for a trip down memory lane? This site is all about vacations that take you back to the good old days. Think retro road trips, vintage hotels, and all the charm of yesteryear. Because sometimes, the best getaways are the ones that remind you of simpler times. – Ever walked into a room and felt just a tad unwelcome? This site is all about those awkward moments and how to handle them with grace (and humor). Tips, stories, and advice for navigating the nearly-there welcome. Because “almost” is better than “not at all,” right? – For those who like their engagements unfiltered. This site is about the real, unpolished moments of love and commitment. No frills, just the raw truth. Because love isn’t always picture-perfect. – Celebrate the victories, big and small. This site is dedicated to the greatest wins in sports, business, and life. Inspiring stories, tips for success, and a dash of humor. Because everyone loves a good win. – Ready to see the world? This site is your invitation to explore life abroad. Tips on travel, living overseas, and making the most of your international adventures. Because the world is your oyster. – Working from home? This site is all about making a full-time online career work for you. Tips, tricks, and advice to stay productive and sane. Because working in pajamas should be as rewarding as it sounds. – Got a gift collecting dust? This site is about what to do with those well-intentioned, but unused presents. Regifting ideas, creative uses, and a touch of humor. Because every gift deserves a purpose. – Turning things around one improvement at a time. This site focuses on positive changes, home upgrades, and personal development. Because there’s always an upside to improvement. – Celebrating the educators who make a difference. This site is for teachers, tutors, and anyone passionate about education. Tips, stories, and resources to help fine-tune the art of teaching. Because a fine educator shapes the future. – Holding onto that crypto no one wants? This site is for you. Tips on what to do with unsold cryptocurrencies, market insights, and a bit of humor about the volatile world of crypto. Because sometimes, holding is the best strategy. – For those who vacation in style. This site is all about luxurious getaways, travel tips, and the finer things in life. Because why settle for ordinary when you can have deluxe? – Making relationships easy-breezy. This site offers advice, tips, and stories to help you build and maintain effortless connections. Because good relationships shouldn’t feel like work. – Education that lifts you up. This site focuses on positive and inspiring educational content. Resources, tips, and stories to make learning a joy. Because education should be uplifting, not daunting. – A clean home is a happy home. This site offers cleaning tips, home maintenance advice, and a touch of humor for those who love a squeaky-clean space. Because nothing beats that fresh, clean feeling. – Navigating the tricky world of uninsured claims. Tips, advice, and stories to help you handle claims without insurance. Because sometimes, you’ve got to go it alone. – A little exposure goes a long way. This site is about making a small impact with minimal exposure. Tips on marketing, personal branding, and more. Because even a slight exposure can lead to big things. – For the techies and the curious. This site is all about video reviews and tests of the latest gadgets and tech. Honest, funny, and informative. Because seeing is believing. – For the rebels and the innovators. This site is about breaking the mold and setting new trends. Stories, tips, and insights on disrupting the status quo. Because why follow trends when you can set them? – Master the art of selling. This site is dedicated to tips, tricks, and stories from the sales world. Whether you’re selling cars or ideas, become a mogul in your field. Because selling is more than a job—it’s an art. – Supporting local has never been easier. This site is all about onshore products, local businesses, and the benefits of buying close to home. Because good things are often just around the corner. – Unleash your creativity without shame. This site celebrates bold, out-of-the-box thinking and creative endeavors. Tips, stories, and inspiration for those who create shamelessly. Because creativity knows no bounds. – A humorous take on all things non-Soviet. This site could offer historical insights, funny comparisons, and a celebration of a much-better post-USSR world. Because sometimes, you just need a little perspective. – Those monthly bills can be a drag. This site offers tips, tricks, and advice on managing and minimizing recurring expenses. Because saving a little each month adds up. – Embrace the art of self-discipline the natural way. Tips, stories, and strategies to help you build discipline without stress. Because self-control shouldn’t feel like torture. – Finding your kindred spirits. This site is about connections, friendships, and relationships that feel like family. Tips and stories on nurturing those deep, soul-level connections. Because sometimes, friends are the family you choose. – Making big moves in small spaces. This site is all about the hustle, especially for those working with limited resources. Tips, tricks, and stories for the nano-entrepreneurs. Because even a small hustle can lead to big success. – Fashion for the modern husband. This site offers style tips, fashion advice, and products for husbands who want to look their best. Because even hubbies deserve to be stylish. – Embrace authenticity. This site is about being real, genuine, and true to yourself. Tips, stories, and inspiration for living an authentic life. Because there’s nothing better than feeling real. – For those who love a good deal. This site is all about bundles, discounts, and packages that offer more for less. Tips and stories for the savvy shopper. Because why buy one when you can bundle? – Navigating the tricky world of foreclosures. This site offers tips, advice, and resources for dealing with foreclosures. Because knowledge is power, especially when it comes to your home. – For those facing tough times. This site offers tips, stories, and support for battling through life’s darkest moments. Because everyone needs a little light in the darkness. – For the coders with brains. This site offers tips, tutorials, and stories for programmers who want to level up their skills. Because coding is as much about thinking smart as it is about typing fast. – For the wild and wonderful weddings. This site is all about planning weddings that are a little crazy and a lot of fun. Tips, stories, and inspiration for those who want a wedding to remember. Because who wants a boring wedding? – For the podcasters who want to keep it real. This site offers tips, tools, and inspiration for creating authentic and engaging podcasts. Because in the world of podcasts, being legit is key. – For those new to the nomadic lifestyle. Tips, stories, and advice for beginners in the world of travel and adventure. Because every nomad was a rookie once. – Finding the perfect getaway. This site is all about summer shelters, from beach huts to mountain cabins. Tips, reviews, and stories for the ultimate summer escape. Because summer is for sheltering in style. – Exploring modern American culture. This site offers insights, stories, and commentary on what it means to be American today. Because the American dream is always evolving. – Making the world accessible for all. Tips, tools, and stories on improving accessibility in everyday life. Because everyone deserves to reach their peak. – Your guide to the best trips. This site offers tips, reviews, and advice for planning unforgettable vacations. Because every great trip needs a great advisor.4o

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